Recent News

Recent News

Recent shahadahs
By the grace of Allah, we were able to facilitate shahadahs for two new brothers  in recent weeks. Allahu akbar!

  • Vitaly – originally from Latvia and currently lives in Bradford
  • Martin – originally from the North East of England, now residing in Leeds

May Allah protect our new brothers and keep them upon guidance, ameen.

Recent death
Our sister Sara Jasmine Clark returned to her Lord on 12th January 2018, age 31.  Sara came to Islam 5 years ago and leaves behind her husband Andrew.  Sara founded an organisation called Muslim Disability Awareness. We pray that this organisation continues to be a sadaqa jariyya (recurring charity) for her. Special thanks to EdenCare who funded and facilitated Sara’s funeral.

When someone passes away, we should be reminded of our own mortality.  Its really important that we ensure our affairs are in order.  In specific regard to converts to Islam, we should make a will stating your wish to be buried according to the Islamic tradition.

Forthcoming events
After a few months break, we are pleased to announce the following events for 2018:

  • Saturday, 17th Feb, 5pm-8pm – social gathering
  • Saturday, 17th March, 5pm-8pm – educational gathering
  • Saturday, 14th April, 5pm-8pm social gathering
  • Saturday, 12th May, 5pm-8pm – pre-Ramadan educational gathering
  • Saturday, 26th May, 8pm-11pm – Ramadan gathering with iftar
  • Saturday, 9th June, 8pm-11pm – Ramadan gathering with iftar
  • Sunday, 24th June, 1pm-5pm – Eid party

All gatherings will take place at the Woodsley Community Centre, opposite Leeds Grand Mosque.  All welcome.

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