Thank You!

As the summer comes to an end so does our busiest time of the year.  We've enjoyed a beautiful Ramadan with two community iftars, an Eid celebration for the whole family and an inspiring summer retreat for our Youth.  We thank Allah for allowing us to exist, for opening our hearts and minds to his call and for enabling us to be involved in such a rewarding project.  And we pray that He accepts our efforts and helps us to continue our work.

We would like to thank all our volunteers for their tireless hard work and ongoing support.  We would also like to thank everyone in our community who has taken the time out to join us at our events so far this year, it has been a real pleasure to have shared your company and serve you.  Finally we would like to thank our many individual sponsors, local businesses and local mosques.  Without this financial support we would not be able to do the work that we do.

To find out about our next event join our mailing list, alternatively if you would like to support our work financially or as a volunteer get in touch.   

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