About Us

About Leeds New Muslims ?

Leeds New Muslims is a voluntary organisation run by a team of dedicated people who have embraced Islam or who have family members who have embraced Islam.

We are a support group for those who have converted to Islam or have an interest in learning more Islam with a view to converting.

We are able to provide help and support in the following areas to anyone in Leeds (UK) and surrounding areas:

Video of David Talbot talking about Leeds New Muslims

Services offered by Leeds New Muslims ?

Information and advice regarding Islam

Help with becoming a Muslim (Shahadah)

Free books & booklets (including Qur'an)

Community Iftars (meal to open the fast in Ramadan)

One on One support and advice for brothers and sisters new to Islam

Guidance on how to perform the prayer

Guided visit to a mosque

Family social gatherings and BBQs

Educational seminars

Family friendly Eid parties