About Us

About Leeds New Muslims ?

Leeds New Muslims is a voluntary organisation run by a team of dedicated people who have embraced Islam or who have family members who have embraced Islam.


We are a support group for those who have converted to Islam or have an interest in learning more Islam with a view to converting.


We are able to provide help and support in the following areas to anyone in Leeds (UK) and surrounding areas:


Video of David Talbot talking about Leeds New Muslims

Services offered by Leeds New Muslims ?

Information and advice regarding Islam

Help with becoming a Muslim (Shahadah)

Complimentary books and booklets (including Qur'an)

Community Iftars (meal to open the fast in Ramadan)

Annual youth retreats for young people (boys & girls)

One to one support and advice for brothers and sisters new to Islam

Guidance on how to perform the prayer

Guided visit to a mosque

Family social gatherings and BBQs

Educational seminars

Family friendly Eid parties