What they say about Leeds New Muslims

"keep up the good work"

"I think Leeds New Muslims is very good, it is open and friendly to everybody."

"LNM is most needed in our community, all involved in it's work have high standards of muslim behaviour with fellow muslims and set good example for new comers to follow, as an organisation it is an effective and successful one too. May Allah grant you all with his continued blessings."

"The group is doing excellent work. Please keep it up."

"Since saying my shahadah last year the New Muslim group have been fantastic and all the volunteers will be recognised for that insha'Allah."

"Alhamduillah for your provision, which has supported so many people. May Allah swt reward everyone involved and provide you with the finances needed to continue."

"Although I am not able to attend any functions, I really appreciate the sms and the emails. It helps make me feel connected. Thank you so much for this."

"My contact with Leeds New Muslims has only so far, been limited. However their help has been invaluable. There appears to be no other organization performing the same important role."

"I feel that Leeds New Muslims are doing a great job at what they do, I would like to see more events and more social gatherings and just more of the same kinda thing that Leeds New Muslims do."

"The LNM group is a fantastic forum and great opportunity for new muslims to meet others - its really helped me and my partner, who took our Shahada this year, and found out about it after that thanks so much to all who organise events, and to David, Mohammed and the rest of the team for being so welcoming. will pray for you all"

"I mainly enjoy the gatherings because my son has the chance to socialise with Muslim children"

"Thanks for everything"

"I feel the work and support Leeds New Muslims offer is fantastic and i pray that it continues"

"You guys/sisters are brilliant! You are doing great work, please keep it. Jazakumallahu khayran."

"I'd like to thank you for all the support you have given me throughout my journey to Islam, i'm sure it would have been much more difficult without you, Jazakallah Khairan."

"The work you do is wonderful and much appreciated, alhamdulillah. The activities for children are brilliant. May Allah reward you in great abundance for all your efforts. Ameen."

"LNMP does a fantastic job just being there for those who need it."

"Thank you for the amazing time my son had at the retreat, he really enjoyed himself." 


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