Donate to Leeds New Muslims

Leeds New Muslims is run on a voluntary basis and we do not receive any grants or endowments.  We depend entirely on the generosity of the Muslim community.


Our work qualifies for zakat donations under the following categories:


  • Al-Mu’allafate-Qulubuhum – those who have embraced Islam and those who are considering becoming Muslim
  • Fi-Sabilillah – those who are working in the way of Allah


Converts come from a diverse range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and we try our best to address their needs.  For some converts, a few books and some good company is enough, however the majority of people who contact us are socially and economically disadvantaged.  We try our best to support them through a combination of public gatherings and private counselling.

All our work is done on a voluntary basis – no one receives payment for the good work they do.

If you appreciate the work we do, please consider donating.  We accept donations via the following methods:



Video of David Talbot talking about Leeds New Muslims

Services offered by Leeds New Muslims ?

Information and advice regarding Islam

Help with becoming a Muslim (Shahadah)

Complimentary books and booklets (including Qur'an)

Community Iftars (meal to open the fast in Ramadan)

Annual youth retreats for young people (boys & girls)

One to one support and advice for brothers and sisters new to Islam

Guidance on how to perform the prayer

Guided visit to a mosque

Family social gatherings and BBQs

Educational seminars

Family friendly Eid parties